“Jon with Sky Blue Pictures was hired to produce a campus tour marketing video for Chaminade University of Honolulu. His creative vision and passion for his work made it not only a pleasure but a privilege to work with him on this project. From the planning stages involving the creative brief to the filming and finally the post-production edits Jon put forth the effort to ensure that the final product was uniquely catered towards our needs. I highly recommend him for any and all of your video production needs, he has the high quality equipment and the work ethic that combine to make amazing results.”

— Ethan W.

“He was very timely and professional, working from early morning until after our late night events. His courteous, respectful, and passionate demeanor made it a pleasure to work with him. He blended in and was part of our global team. We would recommend him time and time again!”

— Michele A.

“His work product was beyond my wildest expectations. He completely bought into and fully adopted the vision of the tournament organizers. His editing, special effects, slow motion shots, close ups, graphics and music selections were highly artistic, creative, and perfectly selected and executed by him. His camerawork, and, in particular, his use of a stationary camera on a scaffold, and a roaming court-side camera, facilitated two angles of every Top 10 play. His video stands as a lasting and beautiful tribute to this memorable tournament.”

— Paul T.

“Jon and Sky Blue Pictures did a fantastic job shooting a video interview for us that will become part of a museum interactive experience. He coordinated the shoot for us in Hawaii, got useful content from our interviewee, and shot excellent footage. Everything went very smoothly and he was incredibly helpful in making sure we achieved our goals and got the product we needed. First rate vendor.”

— Aaron S.

“I work in a very competitive industry where one needs to stand out in order to acquire more sales. So I had an idea to create a promotional video for my business to try and achieve this, but had no idea where to start. After trying to do things on my own, I quickly realized I needed some professional help. Enter Sky Blue Pictures (SBP).

I contacted SBP and let them know what I wanted done, my vision for the finished product, and my timeline. I can honestly say that from first contact to delivery of the finished product, they made the process enjoyable and easy. I am VERY pleased with my finished product and am already noticing the positive affect it is having on my pre-sales. I directly attribute this upward trend to the promo video SBP help me create.

I am excited for the day my business reaches a new plateau and is in need of more video work because SBP will be the one I contact.

Mahalo to Jon and his crew!”

— Jason N.

“I can’t say enough about Jon’s integrity, professionalism, and raw talent. I’ve had the honor of working with him several times and he’s always full of humility and work ethic, while being exceptionally skilled at what he does. He’s a true Renaissance man: I don’t know where you’ll find someone with such a versatile collection of equipment and technical know-how who can ALSO bring the level of artistry and emotion that he does to storytelling. I’ve never seen someone with this combination and it really shows in his work. Plus, I promise you’re not going to find a nicer guy to work with.”

— Mary P.

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